Radica philosophy

We take care of the whole process, from the production of the grapes to the bottling. All the vineyards are grown organically, using techniques that do not compromise their natural fertility.

Tullum DOCG

Tollo, a hilltop village between the warmth of the Adriatic Sea and the coolness of Monte Maiella. This is where Tullum was born: a unique mix of terroirs, vines and traditions. Montepulciano is born from the strength of the earth, Pecorino from the heat of the sun, Passerina from the freshness of the water. The carefully selected grapes, harvested by hand. A limited production, imposed by the rigidity of the disciplinary and by the strict selection of the winemaker.

A unique mix of terroirs, vines and traditions…

Radica Wines

The bulls, li Ture in the local dialect: this is the nickname that the Radica family has had for generations. In full respect of the traditions, this noble and strong animal has become the symbol of the cellar. It is the driving force of tradition that has led to the Vini Radica line, born between the sea and the mountains, between the past and the future. The grapes from our vineyards speak of the territory, our wines speak of sustainability.

Between the sea and the mountains, between the past and the future…


It is the wine made as grandfather Rocco, progenitor of the Radica family, wanted. Linked to the strong Abruzzo tradition, this wine is persistent like a memory of youth. Only fruits that have specific quality criteria are destined for this line. Production is limited. It is a powerful and persistent wine, the tannin structure is important, the aroma of red fruit and spices fills the palate, leaving a pleasant softness in the end.

Persistent as a memory of youth..

Classic Method

The classic method was produced for the first time in 2012. This wine is the result of a step forward, to rediscover the flavors and aromas of our land in a different key. The sparkling base is made up of Chardonnay grapes always harvested from the same vineyard. The harvest takes place in a window of just three days at the beginning of August: it is only in this thin period of time that the grapes reach the delicate balance necessary. The vinification and elaboration, following all the canons of the classic method, take place entirely in our cellar.

The result of a step forward, to rediscover the flavors and aromas of our land…